Tau'ri : Bedrock

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Gameplay sped up a bit :. please realise that up and down are also used? not just left and right mkay?

For anyone that doesn't like going to the help section, use the arrow keys, and SPACE to go to the ingame menu equipped with an exit and restart button :)

Also, 3 years is how long i had been programming at its release, not how long i spent working on this game :P many people seem to be making that mix-up ;)


Requires Flash Player 9 (note will be given if you try to open in otherwise)

Combining a soft body pressure based particle model, and a rigid body model with dynamic land and time based physics, its recommended that you do have a reasonable computer, although it should be fine on most.

AND NO, this was not a copy of LocoRoco, as ive said multiple times, i didn't even know it existed till i was quite a way through development.


Good time waster

This was a fairly entertaining game. Some parts were pretty tough, but hey, that's a compliment, not a derogatory comment. At the same time, it was pretty dang easy through most of the game, it could have had a few harder parts. Also, forgive my perverted mind, but that last comment at the end of the game could definitely be taken out of context;)

Totally freaking amazing!

This game had all four of my friends and I screaming and shouting! It was amazing. 5/5 and 10/10.

this makes me want to make flash

i wish i could play this all over again

pile o dung

this game is soooo boring if the maker of the game could make it a little bit more exciting than just a blob pushing a rock around it would be alot beter

I love it man!

Great Job Luca! I remember talkin to you when you were just beginning to make this and i knew it would be good from the start. buy wow. it actually took me THIS long to play through the game and pay alot of attention to it.

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2007
3:28 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other