Tau'ri : Bedrock

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Gameplay sped up a bit :. please realise that up and down are also used? not just left and right mkay?

For anyone that doesn't like going to the help section, use the arrow keys, and SPACE to go to the ingame menu equipped with an exit and restart button :)

Also, 3 years is how long i had been programming at its release, not how long i spent working on this game :P many people seem to be making that mix-up ;)


Requires Flash Player 9 (note will be given if you try to open in otherwise)

Combining a soft body pressure based particle model, and a rigid body model with dynamic land and time based physics, its recommended that you do have a reasonable computer, although it should be fine on most.

AND NO, this was not a copy of LocoRoco, as ive said multiple times, i didn't even know it existed till i was quite a way through development.



Disregard the ratings....
For some reason, after I click "go" and the "next" all i get is a white screen. I have Flash Player 9, please help!!!
P.S., its not just my computer or your games, because I've played Tri-Achnid and many other games on NG. No matter wat site i play it on, i just get a white screen. darn weird...

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aha, very enjoyable. i love physics games!

i believe enjoyable is a perfect word for this game. It's not addictive, it's not buggy, it's not anything... it's just.... fun.. it just makes you happy to play.. it gives me joy to play it.. and not even joy in my pants! it is a grand huzzah thrice-forth!!

Seriously though, i do love this game. i have yet to beat it, but i hope it has a level select at the end. because if it does, it'd make the perfect "lunch break" style game! it feels like a storybook, and despite the entire game feeling quite a bit like Roco Loco, it never quite feels like the game 'directly'. it differs just enough to not feel like any sort of rip-off, yet still feel happily...familiar... theres another perfect word to describe it.

Really, i love it. i absolutely LOVE physics based games. and i particularly like games like this. Tri-Achnid is one of my all time favorite games, and this peaks it simply because it's so simple and fun. Tri-achnid was a better game (no offense intended), but it was more complex and serious. this game is simple, and just for fun, and for that alone it gets good marks.

4/5. i really like it. please do some more work! you have talent! this game is really.. enjoyable. (oh, and thats an 8.5/10 up there)

(PS: I love the dual physics engine you added, and the preloader could've kept me interested for a good 10 minutes before i got board or impatient)

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dELtaluca responds:

thanks :) i hope you did remember the level codes though, there isn't a level select :X if not i can always send them other to you if you really want them all


SPEED THIS GAME UP! I closed the window out of sheer boredom. Moving a rock that is going 1 MPH is not fun! Get that through your head! UGGHH.

Fantastic, but..

I found a glitch.
If you roll the rock behind you when you reach the end of the level, it seems to think that you've left it behind, which can be rather annoying when you rolled and squeezed your way to the end of a long level.

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It was interesting to say the least

It was beautiful enough, but yet not too much that it would lag me out of interest in the game. However it got boring fast, it was a bit too simple. You should have given a bit more abilities to the player.

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2007
3:28 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other