Childless Dreams

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This is a game i made in about a moth. It is a horror game. I hope you'll enjoy it.----------------keys:
key up: up
key down: down
key left: left
key right: right

Mouse click: Slap

(to enter a door you have to mouseclick at it)------------now, let's PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!


spell check

you spelled month wrong

what the f*** were u thinking

ok the sound was ok but the rest sucked sorry to say dude i wanted to blam this but i was nice and gave u a 1 for trying

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this game is overall dreadfull. you mustve been smoking pot when you made this. i say its dreadfull because thats what i think of when i think of any particular part of it. the sound was probably the only part of it that was any good, yet it failed to even give a horror like atmosphere. the top down view was utterly dreadfull, there seemed to be almost no object to the game, the monsters were far too easy to kill, there was a weird pause every time your guy tryed to move and im not sure wether this was intentional or not but it was extremely annoying, you didnt even have to walk to a door to open it, and i died apparently because i swung my weapon. my arm broke off or some insane thing for no particular reason and i got a game over. when u dont even have to walk to a door the objective of a game is hard to see. Not even one bit of it was scary, except for being forced to play this dreadfull game.

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not bad

all things considered, overall ok game

not bad

it was alright game, but it was far too easy... it should've had a much bigger challenge to it.

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2.69 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2001
10:36 AM EST
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