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A Guide to the BBS

rated 3.46 / 5 stars
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Mar 14, 2007 | 5:49 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A little flash I whipped up in a few days. You might hate it for it's lack of buttons, but I'll live.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

It could have been a lot better.

I know this was just a weekend project but it still could have been much better. Your information was generally pretty good, the only thing I could say is that you had a few grammatical/spelling errors. The music stopped after repeating once so I did not hear music for about the last minute or so.

Things that would have made it better:
More sound effects
Graphics of some sort as opposed to the same text
A menu, forward-back button, etc. More organization.
Choice of song/volume slider

I like your idea and the basis of the flash is good. I'm sure it's helpful to all the thousands of users out there who are intimidated by the BBS and its sooperdooperness :)
And yeah, I know, you weren't trying to make it the best in the world.

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Sidorio responds:

No, I wasn't trying to make it great. I actually rushed the ending because I'm doing an art collab for Frozen-Fire.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

yay cool

This is nifty! People too lazy to read the rules can view this flash. Err, maybe people too lazy to read the rules shouldn't be posting. This is really cool though. Very helpful for new users. I like it :D

Sidorio responds:

Thank you.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I think all new users should be forced to watch this befor using the BBS! Very good work! QUite funny too! 5/5

Sidorio responds:

Thank you!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Painfully dull.

All it is is text, and it plays way too slowly. Really, a couple pictures here accompined with text do not a good flash make. I felt like I was watching an insperational slideshow made in Powerpoint. There was hardly any animation at all.

This sounds like the music you'd listen to in an elevator. It was not worth the 3000+ kb.

Voilence: Not present... Why the shit does Newgrounds have a rating system that counts violence anyway?

Interactivity: Again, not present. Unless you count the PLAY button, and I don't.

Humor: The only thing remotly funny was the "PENICORNS!" part. To be fair though, you weren't really trying to be funny.

Overall: This isn't going to help anyone.

Sidorio responds:

Flash by Funkchiken:
- none -
Do you have any idea how hard flash actually is?
Oh, and I was trying to be funny with Penicorns.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice work, I'm jealous though, I wanted to make this tutorial first! XD

Sidorio responds:

There's always next time.