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-- Press S to jump, down to slide, up to go in doors --

World 2's been taking far longer than I expected, and since everyone's still asking me where it is, I figured I should release a 2 level demo to show that the project's not dead. It's just the second world of the Fancy Pants Adventure, but there's still a good deal of added features. You can wall jump from the beginning, slide into enemies by pressing down, and grab on to ledges, to name a few. I'll be reading through the comments, so any feedback you have for the final World 2, go for it.


Good....but make sure its as good as the first

It is very simalar to the first game but, the art style has a few creases namely some of the characters moving animations are unfinished or quirkey and some of them don't flow smoothly into each other. But all in all its is a great game and I can't wait for it to come out......good job!


dude this is sweet. love the hair and the pants, and all the sweet-ass little moves like ledges and walljumping


the dude's hair disappears when he is climbing from the ledge onto the platform and back, and also when he is hanging on the wall between jumps in the coin room

the jumping, killing, and coin sounds are all the wrong style. maybe some airpuff sounds for jumping and landing, something else for sliding, and another for rolling. spring sounds just don't go well with the visual and control style of the game

make it so that the down arrow allows you to drop to lower levels when you're on the triangle platform up in the air. it's kind of frustrating to have to fing the way out of the top of the main area

I know this is just a demo, but in the full version, a level editor would be SO SWEET. i know it would be a lot more work, but it would just be way too cool

keep up the good work, can't wait until it comes out in full

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Why must you make us wait so long!?

I know that it takes a long time to create a flash but COME ON!
You make me sad...

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So damn smooth!

Nicely paced, moves ridiculously smoothly. Unbelievable really. I especially like the fact that you don't have to stop moving to open the doors. You can continue running and press up and it'll bring you right in. Looks wicked!


This game is amazing! I love the art and the physics. Can't wait for the full game!

I did find a minor bug:
sometimes when climbing his hair dissapears

some suggestions for improvement:
when hanging on to a flat wall, allow pressing away from the surface to let you drop down. a funky sound track.

keep up the amazing work :D

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4.24 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2007
7:40 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop