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Zombie Movie trailer

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Sorry about the quality, it took too much space so i converted the fla to avi, then added the music on movie maker and then imported the video on a new fla, it reduced the filesize more than 2mb but the quality is a bit worse.



short, crazy but cool

good one

what a nice trailer. this trailer was very nice... it has the potential to be an awesome animation and/or series. i really liked the graphics and characters in this one, they were good, nice audio in it, some decent action, it offered awesome entertainment and it had a good plot to it as well.
good job on this trailer.


Well, I'm confused but in a good way. I really like your drawing style and am intrigued enough to hope you make a good movie out of this hopefully with a well thought out plot to alleviate my confusion and to support your art styling. Keep working on it.


wasnt bad

kinda was boring nothing really funny but has bloody and took alot of time

I fear Zombies beacuse it could happen.

Review by: Leopold Kain
“I have no skill. I have only luck.”

This Video/Game: I have a deep fear of Zombies attacking and this trailer did not make me fearful of all. When you make the series make sure you add some scary stuff in it. Not shock but scary. I can not wait until the series. Oh and kill or get read of the guy with the bandage on his arm.

Graphics: 5 –I liked how it looked but it still needs some beer to make it better.
Style: 5 – Look one up.
Sound: 4 – I could not make out everything. Maybe sub titles or better voice actors.
Violence: 6 – Just right not too much.
Interactivity: 3 – Does not really need it but wanted to give a score any ways.
Humor 3 – Add a couple of funny scenes to the series and it will be great.

Overall: 5 – Work on it should be a 7 or 8. Add things like a girl and a boy and bandage guy and I will watch it from now on.

That’s really it and I hope you all have a great day.

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3.59 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2007
6:56 PM EDT