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Its live action squirrel with big balls


One month straight of KK turds :)

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No storyline, forget about your 'vote 5'

I loved that flash, its short and sweet enough so I decided to vote 0 instead of 5. I mean, the lower the vote, the better for you, right? I guess Turd of the Week was what you wanted, and you've gotten it, congratulations.... =.=


The graphics are quite astounding, as are the sound effects!

The story line was very, very strong. also, dare I say... maybe even better then Lord of the Rings?!

Also, at the end, when the two masters of combat face off and seem to have there lives ended by "The One Demon"... what happens next? why did you leave the story "Hanging" like that? was it to be able to make another EPI and sell it better?

Yes, a true epic. This will forever be my hero film!

Also, I just want to say that you really can't make any better of a flash animation then this... unless you want to get all of Walt Disney involved to make a bigger movie!

Also, I really liked how you picked a good theme, and then build around the list of characters, made the voices, and actually used the script directly from the sell-out hit book!

And yes, you all are my hero. you all had a part in embarking me onto your life changing adventure, carving out the face of my life, and bringing a new light to entertainment.

This flash deserves a full on, complete, heroic 0/10 and 0/5!

Thanks for teaching me what not to do!

Have a blessed day!

oh noes

i didn't vote five, because the kittykrew preloader wasn't implemeted. without it, this flash is just plain boring....


oh. your. god. *my life is forever changed* thank you! thank you for giving me a reason to live!

Must resist....

from voting 5 on this flash. Ahhh, too late! BzZBzz

The graphics were very astounding and everythin was perfect from the clear sound to the exciting scene when the cat beat up the Squirell w/ big balls. In other words, it was amazing.