Final Fantasy Slevin

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What happens when FF7 has a hit man? We don't know either because we didn't put one in. Join our recollection of the Final Fantasy 7 experience; except Cosmo Cannon, that part seriously sucked. Characters being portrayed as the original designer meant for them to be. Its edgy controversial and plotless!!!! (Go Us!) Answering the meaning to life as well as the reason you like to eat soggy burritos at three am. Flash work of the highest and lowest quality, just like legendary Frog and Tom Fulp combined into some super human monster that ravages Japan. A true testament that the formula on Flash Comedy Extravaganza may work! Watch it or be known as a Commy!! (you're not a Commy, are ya!!) And if you are you can watch it too, unless you're a democrat. Demarcates can just listen to because they've evolved past the need for sight. Too bad they forget to wear sunglasses and soda cans on top of their heads which increases life pts. by 500%. Vote three more if you liked it less if you didn't.


Great but...

It was great! but I have 2 mayor questions 1.Why does Aeris sound like a man & 2.Why the HELL does Tifa act like a pirate? but overall it was good

Uhhh...two questions

what were on when you made this? and where can i find some? overall though really funny movie good job

I Laughed hard, and that just never happens.

Very rarely do I laugh out loud at flash vidoes. This was one of those times. It was like...Final Fantasy VII meets Arfenhouse. I loved it and I hope other people share this sentiment. The randomness of it was sharp and I found the voice acting hilarious (I think the poor audio quality made it funnier) your drawings were crude, but I think that added to the humor as well. A few years ago I thought about making something similar but wasn't up to the challenge of drawing Midgar. I give A for effort to anyone who makes that attempt, not that you didn't already deserve it. It was wonderful, just wonderful.


it was pretty funny when sephiroth said i have no penis and that tifa was a pirate so ill give it a 3/5

That rocked.

I loved FF7 and I loved this movie. The polt did indeed make no sense, but it wasn't in a stupid way. The sound quality was really good, and I'll pass nearly anything with voice overs that aren't robots. That was some funny shit, lol I like the whole Burger King thing. But uh... why was Tifa a pirate 5/5

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3.49 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
8:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody