KAZAHANA: Beneath a Tree

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This is an experimental collaboration based on a poem written by Taige, inspired by an illustration of the character Asada Kazahana drawn by Neah.
Extra thanks to Azure for her voice acting, Seishou no Hana for the preloader art, and Edwyn Tiong for finding the perfectly matched music.

Thanks for everyone's support for daily 3rd :).
This piece belongs to the massive medium collaboration project, Kazahana Family Mass Battle, for more details of this project please visit www.lifepoint1.com



my first not 10/10 rating to your work it is half decent and i did enjoy it maybe i shouldn't have commented because i'm ill right now but it really is lacking something to me at the moment

it's not believable.

lmao I love how some people criticize this because it's 'emo'. Man, these reviewers. Gotta love 'em.

anyways, this animation is okay.

but I find your asada character very hard to believe. Her design? She has anime-pink hair, and she looks rather healthy. I have nothing against it, but if she's gonna be so unfortunate and lonely, don't you think she should look the part? Right now she looks quite bland and it doesn't fit.

You should change it depending on how her character is.

also she doesn't seem like a very smart person. I don't know if you did this on purpose because some characters are designed with flaws in their logic, but usually when people are stuck in that situation they do something constructive or they become evil and etc.

I'm only criticizing this because when lifepoint does characters, they're usually very 2-dimensional and don't have much psychology or depth to them. and that's probably the most frustrating thing about the series you guys make.

It was okay, but...

How exactly is this kazahana related? All it is is a beeping radar in the end, nothing else...

its been a while since saw this

a year ? nah anyway its always a little stuck in my head , at first look i thought emo and strange voice acting , then emo faded and the voice acting appealed me kinda . figured out its basic human desires really not emo or angsty ..heheh well this is the internet so doupt you'll get away with it but still , here's my longets thought -trough review award , yes there where better versions of this review in my head stating out why i came to like this but i don't really remember and if ' got to review this some day . 2 thumbs up says more than words right ?

Just another dot...not on my radar

I mean what the fuck I hate angst ridden disasters and Im 18!!!Why doesnt she just DO something rather than whining about w/e 'god'. Poem was..ok, not great. Her voice was weird, kind of childish. Who the fuck mocks a girl under a tree, those assholes!!!Sorry, agittated...yeah.Maybe we could have seen who the radar holder was, or at least a shade...that's it.

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4.25 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
2:37 PM EDT
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