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Raise your volume. Who's your Baghdaddy? is episode 22 of Miss Dynamite. It is the continuation of episode 21, where Eva tried to join Al Qaeda but failed because she smacked one of the Pu Sisters in the face. This episode features Rina-Chan (formerly known as Kagome) as Eva; Mizura as Blackie, Pu Tang and Pu Nani; and Tomamoto as Moqtada al-Sadr and all the other male characters. As with the previous episode, this is limited-animation old school Miss Dynamite. Some of the combat sound effects are genuine firefight recordings by Canadian troops in Afghanistan (you can even hear a Taliban RPG at some point).



I remember these from long ago and have to say they don't ever get old the humor the animation is as smooth as ever and always a fun piece the characters are always great and the plot here always can give me a good chuckle and these never need any improvements but congrats on the the three awards you received for this one very nice addition

Can't improve on something as fantastic as this classic


Nice animation...

...that being said, not all of us americans fighting over here are ignorant, racist Bush supporters. But it's nice to know you're stereotyping us with the incredibly vast minority that is. That's real nice of you.

Sirkowski responds:

It's called satire. Intelligent people aren't good to makes jokes with anyway, no? =)

Easter egg hint

On the breast chart click Pu Tangs boobs and all the girls are naked X} very good it ranked about average in my taste


who the fuck is twiggy at the beginning?

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Only ever seen a few of the Miss Dynamites (btw what's with the. .erm.. 'secret'? Doesn't Pu nani count as child pr0n0? XD)

Anyway, love the voice acting and such blah blah all skillfully done. Holy hell though their breasts look like balloons that are deflating and almost gonna hit the ground lolz.

I see Kagome as a voice actor a lot, how does [she] manage to do all the voices for so many movies? she fly places or.. done thru voice comm mebeh?

Anyway props.

Sirkowski responds:


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Mar 12, 2007
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