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Raise your volume. Who's your Baghdaddy? is episode 22 of Miss Dynamite. It is the continuation of episode 21, where Eva tried to join Al Qaeda but failed because she smacked one of the Pu Sisters in the face. This episode features Rina-Chan (formerly known as Kagome) as Eva; Mizura as Blackie, Pu Tang and Pu Nani; and Tomamoto as Moqtada al-Sadr and all the other male characters. As with the previous episode, this is limited-animation old school Miss Dynamite. Some of the combat sound effects are genuine firefight recordings by Canadian troops in Afghanistan (you can even hear a Taliban RPG at some point).


Good movie, but....

hey that was great animation and awesome work all together......but does this movie reflect your personal feelings on the middle east and whats going on? i REALLY didnt appreciate how the soldiers were made fun of. im a marine and i get really sick of us and the rest of the military having to go back time and time again and fight in this pointless fuckin war. And on top of that, people call us pieces of shit for being forced to fight. i tell ya...aspirin has become my head's best friend. so please dont tell me you are another one that despises the pawns for whats happening. if so, re-direct your anger on the government. and btw....BUSH SUX BALLS!!!!!!!!!!! im voting democratic...you know why? i wanna go the fuck home!!!!!!!!!!

Sirkowski responds:

You're seeing way too much into this movie.

Looks like you figured out the front-page formula

Step 1) Have enough skill at animating so the characters look good
Step 2) Have a script which is at least passable
Step 3) Involve enough violence to just satisfy the "death drive"
Step 4) Involve plenty of women (at least one with huge breasts), with the occassional bit of lesbian commentary for extra effect
Extra) Political commentary and humor, for people that may not be satisfied with their more base desires

All steps satisfied... check
Good job.

Good addition to a good series

I love the beginning where the Muslim man stomps the bible, and at the end how the American rips up the Qoran. Also, nice job making fun of American soldiers.

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not to bad

it was pretty hysterical but the little girl was fucking annoying

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Sirkowski responds:

She's supposed to be. =)


Before I begin... Easter egg was both awesome and freaky. Heh heh.
Funny, vulgar... the way most cartoons should be.

Very well done.

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