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(title in work)

I enjoyed this game quite thoroughly. It was a simple concept and started off easy enough, but it got tough pretty soon, and I was quite entertained by having to watch all of the red noses and time everything perfectly. It's one of those games where you can just play for a short amount of time and get everything out of it. Very fun, a good amount of challenge, and nice presentation.


This is a very original idea and a very good way to spread the word about red nose day, although it is two days after red nose day!
Graphics: The red noses were good, and so were the pencils, and the angels when you lost lives.
Style: A charitable game! YAY!
Sound: The soung was well synced, and the music fitted the game.
Violence: Well, the only violence I could think was bouncing on the pencils which should get a 0.25. ;)
Interactivity: Everything was interactive except the preloader and "Make a donation" screen
Humour: (I'm british :D) The humour was the fact that you has to rescue red noses from the pencils.
Overall: Great game, very original deserves a 4 at the very least.

its simple but fun

128 noses on my second try

Fun little game

like another person stated, I liked this game better when I played it as Earthworm Jim for my Sega Genesis. However, it was a fun little game that I will probably play again (and again).

I managed to get to 125 red noses saved, and I don't know if I'll even try to beat that.

fun game!

fun little game! Reminds me of the mini-game on the Earth Worm Jim game for the sega genesis...
(sorry 'bout the sound score, I didn't have my speakers on...)

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3.77 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2007
8:49 AM EDT