Sherbert the Cat Pat-Day

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OH BY THE BANSHEE'S BRA-STRAP, SHERBERT'S ST.PATTY'S DAY IS HERE! Yes that's right, Sherbert has a new problem, a Leprechaun. Probably my biggest Sherbert project yet.
Thanks to all you Sherbert fans, If there are any. |:)

Note: Buttons: More sherbert, Credits and Fun facts won't work until fully loaded, sorry.
one more quick note, Next episode will have a new intro be looking for it.

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sweetly made

I have to say...this was pretty damn cute

heh heh

cute kitty! loved it! 5/5

im sorry,

but it scared me. :(


It was a little slow, but it was VERY good! The whole St. Patrick's idea of the flash was well put and j/c, r u Irish too, or do u just like St. Patti as a holiday? cuz i believe that even if ur not Irish u can still celebrate as a holiday of having fun and basically PARTYING!

-Split Shanx


'odd sounds exterme cat lovers make' i can relate to that. i have been know to make that sound to anything on 4 legs. or no legs. my pet rat can tell you that. what really makes me laugh is going to the pet store with her on my shoulder and freak people out. seems to make it worst though that i'm a girl doing that. it seems to add of the gross out factor . . . or something. but, i'm way off base here.

good pace, nice energy, cartoonish charm intact.
4 out of 5