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My Daily Feature Acceptance Speech: I love you. All of you. And Tom. Espcially Tom. :D

In April of last year, An FBF collab was created called Brushed*1. People certainly seemed to enjoy it, and the sequel was about halfway done, when Monkeylovur, the leader of the collabs dissapeared. In September, I decided to revive the collab on the BBS. Almost half a year later, Brushed*2 is completed! I truly hope that you enjoy this.

All reviews are appreciated and will be responded to as soon as possible. :D


I wish...

i wish i could give style a score of 25+ Because i really loved this style for this movie. Your team did great work

Daj responds:

Hey, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

"Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!"

Star Fox 64 :D

Great stuff you have here. Looking forward to another.

Daj responds:

I've never played the game, so I had no idea what that was from, but apparently Sonx has. XD

thanks for wathing/reviewing! :D

One word.



A really nice collab. I think you all did a great job. Also, THANK YOU for putting in the option to watch certain parts only! I got called away in the middle and had to click out, and when I came back I didn't have to watch 3/4s of the flash again. Not that I would watch it again, but twice in a row is a bit much. ;)

The part before Junky Cow's had the word 'mother fucker' in the audio near the end. Not that I usually check the ratings before watching anyway, but you should probably have given it at least a 'mild'. Personally I don't like watching a nice, artistic sort of movie/collab and then suddenly hear that sort of stuff. It did take me out of the mood.

Daj responds:

Haha just read your PM, now your review makes a little more sense. XD

Thank you for catching that, to tell the truth, I hadn't heard that at all, but yeah, I'll change the rating. :)

Definitely a lot time in it

I think my favorite sequence was that with the red glob rollin' around. My gut ached thinking how meticulous animating that fluid of an object must have been. Definitely some talent in these artists.

Daj responds:

yeah, he said just the first 15ish seconds of it took him 4 hours to make.

Thank you for the review!

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Mar 11, 2007
7:54 PM EDT
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