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Clayground - Claytime 2

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Hello NGers! I'm back with a new Clayground short! Sorry about the huge file size and low quality - the origional video file was 60MB (so it's hard to compress it well)!
Also, please don't leave reviews about how look... or mention my appearance at all.

The claymen do some stuff and annoy The Creator again!


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It was great! The "blood and guts" splatter was a nice touch, not to mention the mirror view. Keep it up.

BlakTornado responds:

There'll be a third one soon :)


great one BlakTornado. It was real smooth, funny too. Keep em' comin'!

P.S. check out StopMotion Racers 2 if you haven't already.

BlakTornado responds:

I saw it :D It was great!

Thanks for your review!


Thank you for puting our convosation on the film dude, it really made my day. But i want to be in the CREDITS!
So far, its the best you've done. How about Ninja's in the next one?

BlakTornado responds:


Sorry about forgetting you in the credits.

Hmm...not really a fan

Sorry Man, but i didn't even last till the end, the pixelation wasn't desirable, maybe it would have been better if the stage was smaller...and the dialogue was at best boring, maybe have the clay actors actually doing more than just moving their hand's in the same way repeatedly while "talking"....even better, give them mouths, its well worth the extra work!

BlakTornado responds:

The pixelation was because of the compression (the origional video file was 60MB! It had to be compressed to 10MB to fit on NG.)

The voice acting sucked on this one... I'll try and make my next one better.

Best clayground ever

I have a question... in the review before this, you were talking about compression. If you want to be able to compress your movies on a windows, than use Windows Movie Maker. If you already do, than it's pretty good quality for that kind of compression. And also Flash MX does better video quality and compression than Flash 8, so I use Flash 8 for flash animation and I use Flash MX for my claymations and anything else that needs good quality. Chris Palmieri is realeasing his new Tinfoil Bob today, so you should check that out and see how good the quality is for it being a very, VERY long movie! Just some tips for next time, if they helped!

Ya. Great movie 9/10. Voice acting needs a little work to keep up with the quality of the humor.