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-4th submission-

This is an experimental music video I made to pass the time. Enjoy.

*This movie may be processor intensive, depending on the computer you're using. Quality is set on 'low' to help sync animation with music.*

To answer a few common questions I've seen in the comments:

1. The music I made myself. You can find it in the Audio Portal.

2. How I synched it perfectly goes a little something like this:

The song is 180 BPM (beats per minute).
Doing some math, it turns into 3 BPS (Beats per second)
The Flash runs at 24 FPS.
24 FPS / 3 BPS = 8 Frames per Beat
In 1/4 time, the quarter note is 8 frames long, the eighth note is 4 Frames, half notes are 16 frames, and so forth.

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I didn't really understand it at first but it was awesome and the music was okay


this is cool!

OMG! Awsome!

It's so awsome i wanna download it for my ipod... not only the music but the video! Please... if you have some free time can you make it for your fan... =)

Best. Video. Ever.

By far one of my favorite animations. I absolutely love the music! Hope you make more soon...!

That was amazing!

Oh, where to begin? This is simply a wonderful flash; it's so simple, but it's executed so well that you really don't care. Everything about this is so pleasingly minimal (in a very good way, mind you); nothing is wasted here. Outstanding job, Masterwabbit!