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Damaged -Episode IV-

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It's finally finished! Damaged: Episode IV! Contains some material people may find offensive or something, but nothing major. Watch Episodes I through III first!

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Interesting, yeah, but...

This seems like it'd be a better non-canonical one shot, or, as was said, an opening. My comments in the previous reviews stand for the most part though I would add your usual method of music videos does somewhat make the pacing issue even worse than it is. Decent work, still.

Well i would have never guessed...

That you actually had a series in mind...

Episode 1 which i thought was just a mini film was perfection in my eyes...

But from episode 2 to this episode...?

well let's just say i have not been feeling it...


This episode it more feels like an opening then anything else it "IS" to fast but i can catch everything it just doesn't have the feeling that everyone longs for...

but watching episode 1 and this ..it seems more like your working up to something then..you have already started creating your series...

now that you have started doing this and i have watched -this-

i would actually like to see you rival the Xin series on newgrounds if you got voice actors and was serious about this series..

i think it could actually become something.

I Look forward to seeing more.

perhaps... an actual series? ^ ~

Because i look forward to seeing the emotion your trying to capture that i felt in episode 1.


I cant wait so see epsode 5
give us a feedback about your work

Don't mean to be boring but kinda have to...

Don't like to tag along with the crowd, but once again, I agree with the below reviewer, it was very fast paced, and it left me slightly uncertain as to what was going on. The animation however was far better than previous episodes, really like the style you used there.

Despite the slight criticism there, please keep making them, I think they're great!

You were on the front page on March 12th

As for what I think of the piece, I agree with past reviewers that it's a little too fast paced. Good scenes aren't developed to their maximum extent, and the characters as a whole haven't been developed with individual personalities that make them unique.

Still, the graphics are quite nice. After reading your explanations on how you experimented on each episode so far, I understand that Damaged is good overall. Keep up the good work!

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4.15 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2007
12:28 AM EST