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I did not put together the audio for this - in fact, I forgot when I acquired it. I don't even know who made this audio of the Top 10 Simpsons Quotes. But I decided it would make a good flash.

This is indeed my first flash, so please be gentle with it...and yes, I am aware of the audio "hiccups"...it was the only way to even try to keep the sound in sync...with my comp anyways.

And I had trouble with the pre-loader that NG supplied, so I had to go the route of "Press the button when finished loading."

I apologize in advance for the less-than-stellar presentation, but again, this is my first flash.

But enough of that. Here are the supposed "Top 10 Simpsons Quotes" of all time. Enjoy!



id recomend wahching it well nuber 2 it funey

good, but not what i would have done

i would have had in there "mmmmmmmmmm- free goo"

hmmmmm...somewhat accurate...

I think the no# 1 should be "Doh'!!", but, uh...nice.

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not bad

just for thre recore number2 should have been number 1

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Supperdude9 responds:

I agree, but I presented it the way the audio did. :/

I bent my wookie?

Yeah this is YOUR top ten "I bent my wookie" wouldn't be on the actual list because having it said by a small, stupid and retarded kid like Ralph Wiggum was disturbing than it was funny hell, number 9 was better than that piece of $#^!

Supperdude9 responds:

Like I said - It's NOT MINE. The audio is NOT MINE. And I stated: "here are the SUPPOSED top ten." I found the audio a long time ago, and I decided it would make a good flash. This is NOT *MY* TOP TEN. I've said that already.

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Mar 8, 2007
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