Phoenix Left "Top 10"

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I did not put together the audio for this - in fact, I forgot when I acquired it. I don't even know who made this audio of the Top 10 Simpsons Quotes. But I decided it would make a good flash.

This is indeed my first flash, so please be gentle with it...and yes, I am aware of the audio "hiccups"...it was the only way to even try to keep the sound in sync...with my comp anyways.

And I had trouble with the pre-loader that NG supplied, so I had to go the route of "Press the button when finished loading."

I apologize in advance for the less-than-stellar presentation, but again, this is my first flash.

But enough of that. Here are the supposed "Top 10 Simpsons Quotes" of all time. Enjoy!


seen better, but good for a first

but idk if you know, there's a collection called "phoenix wrong" which is what most phoenix wright parodies go to.

yeah. and up the frame rate a bit, that might help with the "hiccuping" thing.


this was funny but your voice is so fucking annoying.

Supperdude9 responds:

That wasn't my voice actually. Like I said, I found this audio - years ago as a matter of fact. It's been sitting in my comp since like 2001? 2000? I do not know who originally collected the audio.

That was a great first flash.

Obviously you already know about the audio problem (especially with marge's quote, it sounded like it killed my speakers) but the lip synch was absolutely perfect, and it was funny seeing the characters play out good favs like homer marge etc. I thought you did really nice and it gave me a nice chuckle keep it up (if you find out where you got the clip on, try this one again with better audio quality and i bet you'd get a high rating) *oh! and the guy who announces the "number _" is so fucking annoying he must be shot* ^.^

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