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UPDATE 2: AndKon Arcade now has my permission to use this game on their site. My Author information is now posted on AndKon Arcade.

UPDATE: AndKon Arcade has posted this game without permission on their website! So before anyone tries to report me for theft of this game, take a look at the end Credits in the actual Flash game! This is the Property of Emerald Angel Entertainment, at www.emeraldtokyo.com! My user name is the same on all accounts! EmeraldTokyo! Unless you see it uploaded by an EmeraldTokyo on any website report it to me!

This game was a funny idea I had a long time ago, that I finally decided to act on. This is an Interactive Dressup Game featuring the miniature Jedi Master himself, Yoda. Of course this game is in no way shape or form associated with Lucas Arts and the character and all rights associated with it belong to Lucas Arts. This is a Parody and if people don't like it oh well. I'm not changing anything.

Contains Some Mature Themes like drug use and pimpin.


really bloody good

a really good and fun dress up game (although i must admit when i saw the title i feared the worst) really funny and many different things to swap around

Graphics 8 - animation wise theres not really much you can do with a dress up game but the different backgrounds were really good and the clothes (not all) but most fitted perfectly

Style 9 - to be honest i think this is really origional and i love the way that to save space you just click once on the different clothes to change it

Sound 9 - loads of different sound bites that were absolutle halarious ("kick your ass i will being my personal favorite" :D) but i would have been good if there was some music in the background (thats the only reason its not 10)

Violence 0 - apart from saying hes going to kick your ass and pop a cap in your ass theres no popping or kicking involved

interactivity 8 - fun for about 5 mins and very interactive.

Humor 10 - ninja yoda... pimp yoda... the intro (get yodas groove back...) all of the sounds made me chuckle too really really funny

overall 8 - to be honest this is one of the best dressup games ive ever played, really really funny and VERY origional, all in all great!

EmeraldTokyo responds:

For Graphics: I plan on adding more as time goes by. I didn't have much time to do as I'd have liked due to being a single mother. *sigh* For Style: Hey thanks, I tried to be as creative as possible trying to bring Dressup games to a whole new level. For Sound: No music, everyone complains if it's not THEIR taste. Use your own MP3s or CDs. Then you can't complain to me if you hate Techno. For Violence .... Just ... yeah. For Humor a 10 was what I was aiming for. ^_^ And thanks for that overall 8. Makes me swell up inside. Ahhhh. It's not perverted with T&A and the Newgrounders still luv it! Yay. Thanks for taking the time to review it and give it a nice score.


This how dress ups are supposed to be

This is definetly one of the best dress up games I've ever played. I like how you made the movie clips dragable and clickable. Must of taken a while to script them.

Graphics: Excellent, drawn beautifully and smoothly
Style: Though it is dress up, it is done really well with a twist
Sound: Good
Violence: None there, but there is weapons
Interactivity: Great, the scrolling background was great
Humor: Made me smile to see some of the changes
Overall: A well deserved 8.

Hope to see more in the future.

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EmeraldTokyo responds:

Hmm, I'm surprised the sound didn't get a higher score what with all the silly VA I had added into it. Thanks for the kind review and great score. I hope all the others who see this are as kind as you. ^_^


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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2007
12:09 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up