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Dressup Yoda

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UPDATE 2: AndKon Arcade now has my permission to use this game on their site. My Author information is now posted on AndKon Arcade.

UPDATE: AndKon Arcade has posted this game without permission on their website! So before anyone tries to report me for theft of this game, take a look at the end Credits in the actual Flash game! This is the Property of Emerald Angel Entertainment, at www.emeraldtokyo.com! My user name is the same on all accounts! EmeraldTokyo! Unless you see it uploaded by an EmeraldTokyo on any website report it to me!

This game was a funny idea I had a long time ago, that I finally decided to act on. This is an Interactive Dressup Game featuring the miniature Jedi Master himself, Yoda. Of course this game is in no way shape or form associated with Lucas Arts and the character and all rights associated with it belong to Lucas Arts. This is a Parody and if people don't like it oh well. I'm not changing anything.

Contains Some Mature Themes like drug use and pimpin.



I like how you drew Yoda. Character model was great.

All this needs is a little more variety... Hope to see more stuff from you!

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EmeraldTokyo responds:

Yeah, I meant to add more stuff, but I ran short on time. I will probably add to it later if I can find the time. Right now I'm swamped with kids, college, my website, school projects, and my own personal projects. I'm so overwhelmed! *SOB* I'll try to add some new stuff soon, promise.


heres a suggestion

make it able to move the arms and legs + an SG so we can make ANGUS YOUNG YODAS =] LOL

EmeraldTokyo responds:

You have no idea how much work it would take to make it so you can move the arms and legs. So, I'll explain.

If I make it so you can move the arms and legs of the Yoda sprite, then I'd have to make it so every article of clothing that goes on the arms or legs changes position accordingly so the clothes will still fit the new positions.

Still won't sound like a lot of work to you, but you might not know how to make anything in flash, so I don't expect you to understand. It means I have to open and edit every article of clothes to fit each new position you can put Yoda in, and from there I have to code it so that when you move Yoda, the clothes moves to, so that's like adding 12 months of extra work onto a game. I'm sorry but I don't feel like doing that. There might be an easier way of doing it that I'm just not thinking of ... but meh.

Making an SG Guitar wouldn't be a problem. I'll have to Google images to find what they look like because I'm not really that into music to know that. Thanks for the suggestion. Would you like an AC/DC T-Shirt to go with your Angus Young Yoda?


PS. Next time you drop a review, don't treat everyone like they should automatically know what you're talking about. You don't know flash ... I don't know musicians. Are we even?


i made a pimp lord yoda it looked cool

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Sounds cool. You need to take some screenshots of the Yoda's you do and show them off.



Heheheheh I made a santa Yoda of DOOM!!!!!!!! I give it a 10 a f***in 10! Great game keep up the good work............... 10!!!!!!!!!

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Thank you. So enthusiastic! I'm glad it sparked your interest so much. I hope my future games will be just as fun for you.



I feel you did EmeraldTokyo you may have thought you rushed things but you made a very good dressup game for newgrounds and starwars fans alike. you have my vote

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Thank you very much! I'm so critical of my own work, I sometimes overlook the fact that as an artist I've already done my job by pleasing my fans. Sometimes it takes the love of a fan to wake me up and to realize that my work is better than I give it credit for. Thanks for being that fan! And thanks for the 10!!


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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2007
12:09 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up