How to make bad flash

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11/7/01- I have updated the movie and improved it based on feedback.

The lousy graphics and sound are done on purpose, in keeping with the theme of the movie: sucky flash movies. So if it seems sucky, it means that it succeeds.
Note that this is a parody, if u really follow the advice, then i wonder how u have the IQ to use the computer.

I got real pissed off after seeing some crap on portal and just threw this together.


This should have been titled...

How to hug the nuts of the 15 year olds who write reviews such as "This sux", "U suk yo moma" and my personal favorite... "I could make sumthin better yo"... but then you realize that the reviewer has never submitted a single movie and i doubt that they have the know-how to even install flash, or maybe therein lies the point? Try uploading something better next submission, or are you going to do a sequel?

couldn't have said it better myself

damn, you pretty much wrote the book on how to make shitty movies. even the clocks could learn from you. Step 4, about using lots of insane tweening to impress people. completely true. there was a movie i saw a while ago that was just a stickman who got tweened so much it basically turned into a chaotic mess of lines. and the score was about 3.00.

in your authors notes, i think you put the wrong date. you said 7/11/01. don't you mean 11/7/01?

Atros responds:

i always put write it in day/month/year

That was fucking hilarious!!!

I gave you a ten in graphics because the way you did it like a real shitty movie was exellant
Good job man

You left some stuff out

There has to be a joke about farting or shit (some one farts someone, takes a crap, something along those lines) Oh and let us not forget Useing Korn song or other "cool bands" even if the music doesn't fit the cartoon. Oh and it can't have any sort of preloader but the cartoon has to needs one. But I was involved in makeing a dbz cartoon I will admit (harrypotter/dbz 1 and 2) but we killed them and got a lot of shit for it still i found this to be mostly true just expect alot of hate mail cause i bet you'll probably get.

How do you rate something that's supposed to be

bad, so that's good....

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2.61 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2001
7:17 AM EST
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