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Chad Weathers the Weather

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Author Comments

Bill Stad and Chad Leerze are characters from my recent comic books, and I felt they deserve to hit the big screen...or whatever screen this is...

Anyway, Chad watches the weather reports everyday, and never questions the report...Chaos is bound to ensue...

The deal with the title is weather has another meaning: "to survive". You'll see what I mean!



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ow wow!

oh wow that was funny!

Pelemus-McSoy responds:

Glad you thought so! =D


What can I say?

No..seriously what can I say. Although the graphics were slightly um...bad? (Sorry if that destroyed your ego?) the storyline/plot actually kept me watching.

And it even has a moral to this flash! Dont trust any damn weatherman...

So lets see...what could we do...well first off (these opinion and strictly remain opinions. If you take this as some serious command coming from something that of a drill officer, then youre misudnerstanding) the overall character drawings could be improved on. Ya know..add some tone to their body. You should be at that lvl now where you can animate some hardcore bodies :P

Voices were ok, be nice if there were subtitles since some of the words came out as mumbles. The ending music was....speechless...right I can't say anything about that, good or bad.

Anyways overall I liked the flash. 8/10 :P

Pelemus-McSoy responds:

No, my friend, my ego has not been shattered! Yes, the graphics are sub par, but hey, this was the first time we got into working with Flash.

Yeah, sometimes those weathermen can be wrong wrong wrong...time to exploit the weakness!

I'll try to make some better looking bodies in the future.

Well, Scar and Chows are pretty insane at times, but yeah, I suppose I should've added subtitles...ah well. Something to do for next time!

Thanks for the support!


Good Job Pelo!

I enjoyed this. And I do agree this was somewhat truthful and somewhat funny. Honestly though I would work on a few things.

Again I enjoyed your movie but I would work on your characters. They honesltly get kind of boring and old after a while. Make a variety of different people and other things.... Also I think that you need to add some music at some parts. Like at the start of the movie maybe make some news music. If you noticed it is hard to make smoth movements and awesome graphics. If you can try to work on that. Nice voices though. One idea on a weather thing (I don't know how you could make an oppisite for this) but acid rain.

You have a great movie. And please don't let the grade get you wrong, I try to be honest and truthful. So for one last time good job and kudos to you!1


Pelemus-McSoy responds:

I thank you for your honesty.

Not much I can say about characters...I only have a few so far, but Funny-Man and I will work on a series in the near future.

If I had the time, we both would've have given more time to graphics...unfortunately, I only had a 31 day free trial, and couldn't waste too much time.

Again, thanks for the honesty. That's something that should be given more often.


Great work Pelo!

Pelo, that was a great flash for your first time. Even though I have watched it about ten times, I still find it funny. Just work on animations a bit more and I know you will make awsome flashes. I know how hard you worked on it and that shows alot about you. But why in God's name did you use the song Sam and I made?!?!!? YOUR A MAD MAN!!!!



Pelemus-McSoy responds:

Hey Chows!

Glad you liked it! Your song was better! People like it! At least...I think people like it...

Thanks for the review!


pretty good

This was pretty funny. I would have cut out a couple of reports though, probably the middle ones, coz it did get a little bit tiring. but good overall.

Pelemus-McSoy responds:

Thanks. Sorry if it got a little boring.


Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2007
3:12 PM EST