Kitty Krew has 1 weakness

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The weakness that fulls upon few but when it does, it can serve a devastating blow to those few people and effect those around them. For better or for worse? Only you can decide that when you have watched this flash.

Think clearly about the message told here and think hard about it, for once you know, you can lead the way to a new future.



You can make this better by deleting it and starting over.

Heil responds:

how about fuk u

R.i.p Kitty Krew

Kitty Krew Are Better Then You In So Many Ways Even if they do piss people off but i give you 2 just for effort.

Heil responds:

u dirty shit


I have nothing against the Kitty Krew but I do admit they do send random spam that you yourself think "MY FIRST FLASH WHAS BETTER THAN THIS!! AND IT GOT BLAMMED!!!11". So the Kitty Krew do piss people off but you should just keep your thoughts to your self mate. So it if kinda' their weakness , that i DO agree with...
So yeah... good work?
Next time do SOME animateing!!

P.S. You're doing what the Kitty Krew are doing!! Sending random spams! =S

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Heil responds:

i dont care what you said

Not again...

I could have gone years without watching that and been very happy. Please learn how to animate instead of purposely damaging NG. 9 megs? Come on. Even I can't get a flash to 9 megs without some shit going wrong.

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Heil responds:

you ded now

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1.59 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2007
5:51 AM EST
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