Armor Trigger

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influenced from Namco's "Point Blank" & the sequel to "Flash Point",I present Armor Trigger!

Featuring brand new mini-shooting games and a rather twisted storyline.

Created by Godlimations.com
Sponsored by Armorgames.com


Good overall, but...

it just didn't feel the same nor addictive as your Flash Point did, but this effort is still amazing.

You managed to improve the graphic very well in all areas and I felt that it is much cleaner and less bothersome than Flash Point. Bit laggy too, but nice work!

This one took a serious falter from the last game. The last game have TON of style and this game didnt have the same feeling like the last game does. No wonder that I still manage to have fun, but I see no colorful and hilarious feeling inside. It just... blah

Also a serious falter from last game. Music is totally forgettable and character's sounds are unimpressive. What happen man! I love your last game's musics and sound and this one didnt even match up... At least you manage to find a better overworld song!

Guns :3

Still lot of fun with guns and minigames despite the drawbacks

There is not lot of humor in this game, between characters and in minigames. However, I had a blast with killing Nerdy with ONE shot!
And I am glad that you still nailed in with the ending because I felt that it had the same touch of humor as last game's ending did. Nice work! :3

A sequel that partially lived up to my hype but still disappoint me. Sound, Style, and Humor is not what I really fond of in this game unlike your previous attempt. And I don't feel that this is as addictive as Flash Point is... sorry man, but at least i still manage to have fun with this game :3

-Soullock aka Avek

Nice game

even though I sucked at it it was still I nice game keep up the good work. I liked the graphics.

lol nice ending

good job, it was really fun and the ending was funny when u beat it on hard. keep up the good work

pretty fun

pretty fun dude i want another one

The Perfect Shooter

Possibly the best Point Blank-esqe flash game. Definitely worth a Weekly 1st award.

Great graphics, fun music, and most importantly, TIGHT game play.

I hope we get to work together some time.

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Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2007
5:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person