Escape from Cumba

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Hi everybody, this is my first flash game ! Hope you will enjoy it ! Escape from Cumba is a play arcade strongly inspired of the Eighties, putting in scene a spaceship which must traverse several levels (25 in all) while landing bases in bases. The play proceeds in three different worlds: the Cumba planet, the heart of a mountain, and undergrounds. Each world being composed of a series of levels. No-claims bonus are to be piled up throughout the course and of the obstacles make the task more complicated.


cool one

that was a fun game. a little easy at first, but some of the later levels are pretty tough... good to see the challenge increase as it went along. the game itself was pretty good too, nice graphics, gameplay and audio. it also served as a good time killer.

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I dont believe that this is your first flash ever. I dont believe it is yours at all. Your authors comments are in english and the game is in spanish, which i dont "comprende." The game itself is alright and self explanitory, but make it in english and try again.

manu499 responds:

Hi there ! i am very happy to know that you think this game is not mine, and this is not my first game ! That means this game have some great features. Thank you very much :-) This is not spanish language, this is french. Come and see my site if you don't believe i can create a game, i 've done another that i'm translating in english to post here later.

Best version...

of Lunar Lander I ever played.Awesome retro game my french friend.


I bulls-eyed that fucker THREE TIMES IN A ROW, and I STILL bit the dirt!

translate bitc

yo u better translate it if u want people to play

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2.69 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2007
4:59 PM EST
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