Debbie Doll

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A refreshing dress-up game. A little more unique than all other other ones.


nice game

pritty good game!!
gets boring after a while.

Another hard one, man.

I checked out this game after playing your new one, "Late night at the office". I said that one was too hard, due to the difficulty involved in getting the girl "into" it. I never got past the first level, though it was partly due to what I have to work with.
In this case, I have to say it is too difficult as well. There are an awful lot of combinations and you do not explain how to use certain things. Some are obvious, on the other hand, I imagine there are a few players who couldn't even get the girl naked. From there I had to try and figure out how to make the breasts bigger, finally realizing that each bra gave her a different size breasteses. I still haven't figured out how to change her skin color. There are only three areas on her body where the mouse pointer turns to a hand. I tried changing the color of the hair to see if that would check the skin, nothing that I could tell.
Then, as a far as getting the camera to come up goes, do you realize how many permutations are involved in this game? Only nine bonus shots, which I assume means nine different combinations that will bring up the camera...It would take FOREVER. You should consider changing things. At least go into more detail in your instructions.
Maybe you should ake a password access gallery for the nine bonus pics. Then you could give out the password, or if someone ever makes it through the game without dying of old age, they can post it in the reviews, and those of us that were not so valient as those who live more than 1 century can get the payoff...
Just some suggestions.
Avenging Angel

alright one

well, the 3D-theme to it was very nice, though it was a very simple and basic dress-up game. it was a little better compared to some because of the 3D graphics... but that was about it for this one. it needed more clothing options and colours and it really needed some sort of sound to it.

Looks nice, but fails overall

Its nice that someone took the time to make a 3-d version of this popular game, but with little variety in terms of clothes etc it gets boring really easy.

The only "hook" is that it is in 3-D, you need more clothes,hair styles, backgrounds etc if you want it to stand out and be able to compete with the ones already on NG.


it is a little unique yeah. but you should add more clothes and stuff like that, because i dont think its gonna pass with the limited of clothing you have. but good job still.

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2.46 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2007
10:37 AM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up