Throwback the Duck Ep. 1A

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This is the first file (Part A) of Throwback the Duck Episode 1 on NewGrounds.com.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of the Throwback the Duck animated adventure series. The feedback for Episode 0 A 'Back Story was very strong and encouraging. We are deeply grateful for that.

Throwback the Duck Episode 1 picks up exactly where Episode 0 left off. As a newly hired journalist for NintendoNow, Throwback stumbles onto a dream job of classic gaming journalism. Expect an intimate look into the whimsical world that is the mind of Throwback the Duck. Despite his cheesy lines and disjointed interaction with those around him, Throwback's oddball charm has a way of dazzling many of the friends he encounters...except for a cynical little office helper.

Then there's the all important gaming factor. A familiar classic gaming face makes a cameo in this episode. I'm curious to know how many of you recognize or remember this character. His story foreshadows many of the themes explored in the cartoon series.

Production notes: Due to flash file size constraints, we were forced to split Episode 1 into two files. Hence we have Part A and B of Episode 1. Please watch the show in that order to fully enjoy it.

Also, you'll notice a subtle transition in art styles during the episode. Arthur uses a style know as "straight vs. curve" near the end. This is an evolving work, folks.

And with that said, please enjoy the show. Again, we look forward to your continued support of the series. Four more exciting episodes await you before Season 1 draws to an end.
David Gornoski
Throwback the Duck Director

Wanna interview Throwback? Or do you simply have a question or comment? Feel free to email us at throwback@e-mpire.com.


Pretty cool

Tbh the best part was the opening bit, it reminded me of peep dhow and was the funniest bit, the rest kinda dragged on abit with not alot happening and i got bored,


wow, an ummm. uhh.. an.. aannnn...

a nerd with a camera, a sock puppet snake, and a duck.

never woulda thunk it.
pretty good, i must say. i really liked the beginning where it was like seeing out of throwbacks eyes.


How long did it take to make this? Its very good, the only problem I have (and this is me being extra pickey) is that throw back talks with somewhat of a not real accent (not sure if that makes sense) but hes like that in every flash I've seen with him.


Slick cartoon, can't wait for more!

A true masterpiece.

This review goes to both A and B.

Beautiful work fuys, congratulations on Larsen for his animation and graphic quality and Gornoski for a great script.

We rarely recieve content this impressive. The humor was very nice, something like what more series need to have. The use of characters was fitting good in the story, the scary asian guy was... well scary, hehe. Bobcat is a good charcter, I have very vague memories of it but I still remember it.

I love the point you use a lot of content related to the 80's, I bet that were great times. Also using old-school videogame characters is perfect, I have a lot of respect to the old fashioned Nintendo games that sculped different styles we see today.

Anyway, in resume: Good movie, style, effects, voice acting, everything.

I hope you keep this stories going guys! Good luck.

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Mar 5, 2007
5:59 PM EST
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