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Final Fantasy VII-AC

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This movie is not like FF VII-Advent Children,this is just a short movie.Enjoy.

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i guess the battle scenes are alright since they're all sprites i guess.. but the pictures.. the movie already said everything is copyrighted so i guess u shouldnt of got the pics from it and put it in ur flash.. maybe try making a scene like it with flash? the spelling and grammar might need some work on, but good effort

This is not a safe flash

I commend you on attempting to make a worth while flash and I did like the sort of silent film style but there are a couple of issues I had with the product:

First the grammatical errors are very distracting from the rest of the product and make it difficult to follow.

Second, the battle scene was a little too drawn out with the minor detail taken to it. By all means keep it in, but shorten it a bit.

Third and most importantly, while I can appreciate your tribute to the film, using copyrighted images could prove to be extremely hazardous for you and Newgrounds. Especially if those images are copyrighted by a company like Square-unix, which has been rather ruthless in the past with these matters.

Again I like your style and hope to see more from you in the future, but please take what I have said into consideration.

Not bad

Very good animation and the sound is quite loyal to the movie, I like it.

good job.

some minor grammatical errors in spelling and word usage but it doesnt really take away from the flash as a whole. it probally could have been better had the whole thing been done with sprites.