March 4, 2007 –
December 19, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Upgraded version now has more pics and better credits, also a secret. Can you find it?


Now this is a good submission, not a great submission, but a good submission nontheless. The graphics were widespread, but cool for the most part and it provided a good amount of entertainmetn albeit a bit sporadic. For the most part though, you did a good job on it, and for your first, this is not bad at all.

The artwork was ok, considering it was from awhile ago.

You could of used better music, so next time, I suggest using AP music.

Not so great, just pushing a button isn't the best, but of course it was your first time.

The flash could have been a lot better, I want to see some of your new flash work.

Oscarmayer has a way with bolidna :D

im a idiot why aint i in it :D Lol
i braindead to much that why >.>
well who wouldint notice

hehe nice flash
btw snake I might get working on the new version soon if you fucking unblock me on msn

i'm not in it...[crys]

I think that the artwork could be alot better.

But i am happy to be a Ng Idiot! And i am going to stay that for at least to my 65th! :)
Cool song, where did you get it?
Yeah, btw: My Haircut is in real-life that big too. and i had one brown eye and the other was greengrey, but it is gone for some reason... lol. Anyway good collab!


The art was ok, but you should have added music from the audio portal and not the Penut Butter Jelly song.

and just for putting a NEXT button I'm giving you a 6 instead of a 4

Pros:most of the drawings if not all yours were very good.

cons: it really seemed too lack any story, charecter development. and seemed pointless

what needs work: well i can see with a fair bit of work you could attempt too collaborate all the people listed in oyur flash and make a story with all of them...maybe even a series.

now personally i hate that song but your choice.


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