Fruits of Passion

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A fun time in Vegas with Irene. Feed the slot machine and each time you have $100 in your pocket, give it to her and she will take off one article of clothing. 

1. Feed the machine money.

2. Pull the handle 

3. Wait to make that coin!

4. When you have over $100, pay Irene and she will strip something off. 

5. Keep playing until you get Irene naked!

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not bad one

it was an alright slot-game. the 3d model was a nice touch to it, though this one was pretty easy to win.... well, it all depends on the luck of the slots as well, but it was still cool to play.

it was ok

i found it to be annoying i some places, like the slow intro to tell you how much you needed. the 3d-doll was of bad quality, but better than some casino games and was a nice twist. i found the sound to be annoying and turned off the monitor volume completly.

if you improved the 3d-doll and sound it'd be a much better game.

Just didn't work right...

very promising with smooth graphics but just didn't deliver on gameplay...shame. 2/5

A tease!

I got over 100 and got her dress off and then got another 100 and got tempted with the buy button again but nothing happened! The fruit machine was very unimaginative looking but worked well. The excellent 3D saved this game. I wish this stuff happened in the casino I work at.

was very nice

i liked it... because it was in a casino but ummm.... who's gonna smile while they get undressed.. unless it a guy about to get laid... anywayz... could use some originality and better graphics? you might be interested in anime games (yes? no?) oh well just a thought. gave this a 4