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C & B's reason For Living

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Author Comments

3rd submition - UPDATED 05/27/02 2nd version

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I don't care what some of these @$$holes say...

This was one of the funniest things I'm seen since the Megaman Hentai RPG joke. *laughs* I did mark it down for some color problems, style was a bit lacking, sound got annoying after the first 2 loops, but it was so funny, I have to give you a 10. In my mind, it averages a 6. Good job. Funny, stupid, disturbing, and seriously fucked up, all in one flash. Good job.

ScrunchMuppet responds:

This actually got a decent review for once? Thanks.
It only took 5 years - heh.

you coulda done better.

honestly the best part was the loading screen

Seriosuly Stupid

Sorry scrunch muppet but you did a pretty pathetic job of trying to make fun of CC. I've seen a lot of clock crew moveis and I've seen a lot of anti clock crew movies and out of all of those movies your is the worse.

Here is a suggestion, maybe if you spent more time actually working on the content of the movie and not so much of it into your stupid little intros this would not have been as bad as it was.

YOu tried to make make the point that CC is gay. But all you proved is that people who say CC is gay can't make flash movies worth shit.

ScrunchMuppet responds:

I wouldn't say mine is the worst but I'm not going to argue with you. The rest of what you said is true and the reason is because it was meant to be a joke. My only real problem with this movie is that I can't be there to see peoples faces when they play it for the first time. LOL.


this is tottaly useless! looping sex acts? and you expect to get a good score? ( 3.5 aint that bad, so u doin a good job...) try actually making a story or something, then u may get some real points...

ScrunchMuppet responds:

You think I'm out to get a good score for this? This was just a token of my appreciation for the clock crew. No more - No less.

Not that great

There's not much real anything to this movie... just a loop of clocks doing gay sex acts. And B is red, and C is blue. I wouldn't rate this as high as its current score of 3.66... =\

ScrunchMuppet responds:

Of course not... but you WOULD rate a clock made movie 5 no matter how crappy it is...so it's pretty obvious to me why you didn't enjoy this submition. But thanks for watching anyway.

Credits & Info

1.65 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2001
12:34 PM EST