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Rest In Peace, GreyClock.

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Rest in Peace, GreyClock. You will be remembered forever.
31-3-1987 2-3-2007
I pray that Newgrounds will give him the respect that he so deserves.

Actually he didn't die.

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But WHHY?!

His deeth was a tragic wune indead. Its soch a sham.. This maks me so dupressed tat i wunt ta go hom and eet sum frozun Yogert!

nyiddle responds:

I know.
May he rest in peace.

such a sad thing....

who are you?
oh well, it's still sad.

p.s. I whistled everybody who gave it straight 0's.

nyiddle responds:

Good man.
Also who are you?


Yeah, I was always wondering how it would be like to have someone on your fourms who died. The fourms got hacked just recently too, I wonder if the site is back up again. Not very many flashes are made anymore earthier, StrawbearyClock has nothing to do with the clock crew any more... ... Could this be the end of clockcrew? :( :( :(

Anyways, I gave you a bad score as far as reviewing mosly, because it was mosly just text.. well it was all text. But I gave you an overall 7 and voted 5 because I thought it was great that you made this flash for someone who died, it makes the internet seem like it cares.


nyiddle responds:

Yeah the forum was hacked - As far as I know we still don't know who did it and have no leads really. I mean it did say 'SEVENSTAR TOUCHES YOUR CHILDREN AT NIGHT' or something at the top at first, but we know it wasn't him (somehow). But that's aside the point.

Thanks for caring, and the score is understandable, after-all, it was mainly just text and a speech I wrote up in commemoration.


It's sad that GreyClock has passed on. But at least his dreams and works and memories live on in the NewGrounds Portal. He will be remembered forever, as PineappleClock said, "A clock may stop ticking, but will always show the right time, twice a day."

R.I.P GreyClock.


I never really knew who Greyclock was but my apologies go out to his family and friends.

R.I.P Greyclock

nyiddle responds:

Thank you.