DBZ Stick

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I made this to test if I could do frame by frame animation
If u liked this also check out STICKDBZ.

Plus go easy with me on the ratings, im only 14.


I'm sick of you, Zach...

I'm sick of you submitting these movies to Newgrounds and i'm SICK OF YOU! - I am totally tired of your "I'm only 14" quote.. it doesn't depend on your age, You expect people not to vote X or 0(I voted X) because your 14? well your an idiot, age doesn't matter.. Oh.. hey! my 6 year old newphew drew something creative no a piece of paper, let's all praise him and call him god! (sarcasm)

What a horrible rip!

this idea was not original at all nor did it do the real one justice. the Stick DBZ by ventalator was ORIGINAL, the music actually want with it, and the effects worked with the stick figures more.

and the fact that you are 14 doesn't matter much to me, as i can see on the left, you have done stuff with flash before.

Its cute, but I agree with the last Guy

I am sick of stick death/ stick what ever, and the osama Bin Laden thing is getting really old, It was done well for stick guys though and if the topic hadn't been so overdone i would probobly find it funny...

*Fast ReviewZ*

Ok I'm tired of DBZ flashes and Osama's ones, this one with stick wasn't bad, but innovate and go on in life, forget those easy winning points themes.

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2.06 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2001
11:37 AM EST
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