DBZ Stick

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I made this to test if I could do frame by frame animation
If u liked this also check out STICKDBZ.

Plus go easy with me on the ratings, im only 14.


Well wat can i say..

Honoured that someone would actually bother making a movie after the impression my movie gave them. Ne way keep at it or something and u will rule. But u only got a year cause i made mine when i was 15.

thats kicked ass

that kicked some major ass that was an awesome dbz stick thing but i did notice one mistake...

when they turn into a ssj3 there eyebrows are gone

Nice, keep up the good work.

I am going to give you a good score just because I like DBZ. But i really did like the good old flash video that u made. You are very talented. Plase keep up the good work.

Keep it up!

Ok, you first need to change the name because the name was already used. I don't mind stick movies and your's is very promising. I think that if you would add color to it, do the voices, use the Dragonball Z theme song, and change it over to full body instead of stick then it would be really better! A plot would most likely be needed too! Usually if you don't have a plot and it's just music and fighting it does get rather boring. Detail is what I think that everyone wants. If you don't want to do the voices, use a brother or see if someone else would like to help. Now I gave you a five because you did some good work with the faces and you showed three levels of the Saiyen; Super Saiyen, SS2(longer hair, and SS3 (black hair). I know you can add color to it so redo it with the suggestions that I have asked and you will get a better rating! <J>

Remember me squeaky?

goddammit kid you need to learn how to be creative! i mean shit this is a big immitation of stick dbz the graphics sucked even harder and you use you F U C K I N G!!!!!!!!!!!! age as an excuse every time for making this dog shit

PMP responds:

Ok, SHMUCK, you can go to hell, let's see something u made, you couldn't do better and u know it, go to hell.

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2.06 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2001
11:37 AM EST
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