Beautiful Pico Day

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Happy Pico Day!

Thanks for the awesome music HouseMasta, I was listening to my NG tracks, and when I heard this, it inspired me to make this flash.

It's a short loop I made, why they have guns is because I was going to make a Pico flash when he kills goths, but I gave up and used the character for this.

I hope you enjoy it.


You have a lot of talent in flash...

I'm not the first person to say it, but it's a little too short. I was waiting for the title of the movie to appear, as if it was only an intro.


Graphics- Those drawings blew me away. You are GREAT at drawing in flash.
Style- Most Pico day flashes are just copies of past Pico flashes. This was not.
Sound- That was a sWEET song in the background.
Violence- The 2 pico's had guns.
Interactivity- Cool preloader and play button.
Humor- (none)

So, I think you get the ups and downs. I think this would make a great intro to a longer Pico day flash. Keep trying. 3/5

ShortMonkey responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad to see a review that appreciates the effort. Thanks for the encouragement too.


As a lot of people said

A short loop animation (thought beeing graphicaly great as this one) is kinda boring, and (in my opinion) it doesn't have a lot of sence.
I think you should try to make other think of it, or at least, a bit longer.


ps: I envy your drawing talent, by the way.

Pretty........... Useless

Like I already said it was a pretty movie put it was ridiculously dumb. Your skill in art is amazing I will give you that . All of your shadowing and the fact that it looked 3d gave it a nice touch. I think that if you actually took the time to make a whole movie with the kind of skill in art that you have in this loop it would be really nice. It is a loop so your style of course had to be 3 and like I said the graphics were amazing. No speakers so I am not sure about sound. The rest were pretty simple. Just seriously next time make a real movie instead of a stupid loop.

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ShortMonkey responds:

Eh... the sound makes a difference but I guess the review is on the flash itself. And you already said... huh?

Thanks for the review.

How did he get up on that boulder?

I'm not going to focus on the fact that it's a loop, you've probably had that in alot of reviews.

The art though, was very nice. Alot of shadow, layer and light effects were placed throughout. I loved the art in the tree's and general scape of the idea.

Hope to see your pico day submission.

ShortMonkey responds:

LOL... that's a good question... I added him there to fill in a bit more. I guess I could say that he climbed it, flew up there... not all aspects have answers. Thanks for the review. :)


^^Good Points^^
Definitely good graphics. I liked the layering in this movie, it created a very realistic effect with the animations. Cool music too. As far as loops go, this wasn't so bad.

^^Needs Improving^^
It's not even pico day. In fact, there is a few months until that day, so this was just a little bit random. Also, just a loop, which I don't really like.

Review Request Club

ShortMonkey responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm going to make a better one for Pico day. :)

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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2007
5:36 PM EST