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-Fortified defence-

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Author Comments

*Flash player 8 required*
*HINT* at the boss keep moving up and down the screen because the boss shoots where you are standing. :).
Your castle is under attack, your aim is to destroy the monsters on your way to finding the boss. Once there you must destroy him!
Enjoy :D

Music: Bowser- soldier.

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cool one

that was a neat game. rather easy overall, but it was fairly addicting. the audio was pretty sweet, the graphics were nice, good controls and gameplay... and like i said, addicting.

you've developed

Did you just choose that title for some cheap views?

I liked the boss graphic - I remember him from your sketchbook piece.

Not so impressed with the main character.

I really hated the fact that objects had no 'z'-value and it was simply a 2d hitTest. If you're gonna let us run 'into the screen', we should be able to go 'behin' and 'in front of' projectiles.

The coding's kinda buggy. 2nd time I played, I won after hitting the ghost once. Replayed, then after I hit the ghost this time, I went onto a field where no enemies appeared until I hit the ghost again.

I personally felt the music matched the offensive mood of this game well.

I do like the graphical style you've developed. The game mechanics seem broken and overly repetitive though.

Its not even defence! its not even fortified!

The hitboxes are not good, since you can get hit by a fireball even though its obvious you were not in front of it. (If the fireball touch the character its a hit, no matter if the fireball was shot from the top of the screen and you are at the botom, so dont dodge by going down, it wont work)

The title is misleading, since we are on the offensive, shooting down critters.. who seem pretty much harless to the "invisible castle in the background"

Music is bad

No sound

Boring, unimpressive, not a defense game like the title made us believe.

It's a good start.

Hey Fuzz, you've got a great start to a game here, but there are a few things you should consider working on:

1) It needs more work on the audio. The music didn't really fit, and there were no other sounds.

2) Spend some more time on the background art and maybe get a paralax effect going. Your creatures and characters look good, I know you can carry over the art style to making the world look more interesting.

3) The collision detection needs some work, especially at the end when you're fighting the boss. It looks like you're using hitTest(), you may also check to see if the fireballs are near the same depth, scale, or Y value. That way the fireballs can pass on your right or left, not just stop count if they hit anywhere near you.

Because I could walk "into" the screen and out of it, as a kind of pseudo 3rd dimension, I expected that fireballs could pass me on my right or left, because I expected that dimension to exist.

4) Creatures need some kind of death animation, and you might consider turning them into coins or something collectable to make the game more interesting.


- Deathboner

Not bad.

The graphics were good, The music was good, The gameplay was fun at the beggining, Although got boring quickly. But still..Good.

Credits & Info

2.24 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2007
8:15 AM EST