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Farewell, My Valentine

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Author Comments

This is a story about Valentine's end. I really had to grind at it to keep it under 5MB, but managed to do it.

Sometimes there's just barely enough time to say, "Farewell". Treasure what you have, for before you've had a chance to even realize what's happening, it could all be gone - in a _-fLASh-_...

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The plot was very good, the art style was decent and the animation was pretty good, background and sound were pretty good. Just keep practicing and you'll be a pro in no time at all.

that was a great plot

i love the style you used a good plot
ps how do you make the end so it dosnt keep repeting

UriahTWolfe responds:

Thanks for the kind review. :-) As for the end, I don't know which program you're using but I used KoolMoves. I just created a final key frame with a button (the "Replay?" button) that prompts for action. It will wait for you to click it. If you never click it, then it doesn't do anything - i.e., it's over. If you do, then it just starts the animation over from the beginning.

If that doesn't answer your question, feel free to msg me privately with the program you're using and i'll be glad to try giving you more specific instructions. :-)

Thanks again! :-)


animation was kinda' low-end

UriahTWolfe responds:

Yeah, I know. I cannot deny it. I wish I could say it turned out exactly as I wanted it to, but it didn't. :-/

It was my first effort, I still haven't decided if/when to do another. I'll probably make a spit & polished version of this, just to see if my practice since then has had any effect.

Thanks for the view & the score! :-)


It's not very often that I enjoy a flash as much as i did this particular one. The sound definitely was the only flaw in my opinion. The way it obviously had personal meanings was commendable. My absolute favorite aspect of your flash, however, was the philosophic aspect that I interpreted from it. I don't know if you were trying to convey that exact slant, but I would love to know more behind your reasoning and meaning of the animation. By the way, I have never given such a review, it was just one that peaked my interest so much.

UriahTWolfe responds:

Thanks! I'm working on those sound issues. As for the philosophical slant, I'm not sure how many of my own thoughts I should share on that - the most important meaning to any story is that which the reader draws from it regardless of what the author intended. But it - and the full story it's a clip from - has many meanings to me, overlapping themes and layers of symbolism. Far too many to list here, but a few things I had in mind were the impermanence of life, having it all one moment and losing it all before you've even had time to breathe - and looking at the shattered ruins of life and remembering what once had been. Those are some of the most explicit, but like I said, what you got from it is the only meaning that really matters. Thanks again for the review! :-)

It was... Beautiful

Lemme just say that the graphics weren't the best, the sound ain't really good cordinated, yet you portrayed something absolutely beautiful.

UriahTWolfe responds:

I know the one explosion went off after the flash, I did that intentionally as that's how lightening occurs - you see the flash, then in a few seconds hear the boom. But that didn't convey very well, so I'll probably just sync them next time. I also had a few other sound issues I'm still trying to figure out, but I'll get there - I'm definitely working on getting as good as I can. Thanks for the review! :-)