Goth Lyfe 13: Replaced

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Ok, episode 13! Like always it's a continuation of the last and goths are still portrayed in a fictional way. Remember to watch after the credits of this episode, just like 11 and 12. The next one is coming, so remember to stay patient! Enjoy!


Still in the series!

I'm still with ya buddy! This one isn't as good as the others b,ut i like the plot twist and the way the opening went.

omg hes emo!!!!

dude freaking awesome plot twist! i did not see that coming! lol a couple ears ago i wanted a tatoo of a dotted line with scissors on my wrist lol but that would make me emo


well ive watched all of the episodes in the past 30 minutes or so.. your sound needs some work. and well for the msot part it was worth the time. nice storyline. this is not realistic at all but, thats what gives it the humor. if you can take a joke anyway. well cant wait for the next episode.

Keep 'em coming.

It was really good. Your sound needs a little work though. And your animation could be better but all and all it was totally worth watching, good luck with future episodes.

I loved it.

I think that you did a great job on these episodes of this Series. I hope to see more soon. I like your style of animation and story board. Overall I think you did a bang-up job.

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4.08 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2007
10:03 PM EST
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