1 Chance Too Less

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A sort of tribute to Quentin Tarantino, for his style of movie making.


what the HELL was that?

i expected some thing alot better judjing by the title however im not a flash artist so i dont know if this is hard or not. maybe you should keep making flash until your skill is better ALOT better i didnt really like this movie that much but that does not matter. if you like it and all of your other flash.... you are definetly good to go.

Gunthiaire responds:


lol 1 thought

irony at its best just saying that is all kinds of funny like how theguy would've hoped for the other guy to get shot but dammit he screwed that up. if he had only waited for the other guy to run of bullets he wouldn't be dead right now so anywho.good solid work a tad short but none the less a good attempt.Sincirly the Plumpmonk

Gunthiaire responds:

thanks :D
ps- i honestly thought no one would get what happened in the movie. Thank god someone did.

That was not a game!

Not meaning to be rude but....What the hell was that! Ill tell you. it was a 5 second MOVIE, that had no real point to it. Sorry, but...........................

Gunthiaire responds:

it's still a 'game'?
that's wierd.


and not a really good movie either. it really needs to be longer.

Gunthiaire responds:

it didn't change till later


Make it at least 30 times longer and I will think about not blamming it, okay?

Gunthiaire responds:

Flash by OmgLolLmaoRofl : -none-
love you too.

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1.87 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2007
6:59 PM EST
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