March 2, 2007 –
June 10, 2011
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Another addictive sound loop! Be sure to watch repetitively!


i love these loops :P
the songs carmel dansen
im not sure if i spelled it right.

dude this is great!!!! wat song is this?????????????
btw i noly gave u a 9 bc it could have been a little longer, im jsut sayin

Now, is it simply happenstance or did you actually know about popotan?
The song was hard to get out of my bloody skull... sigh

Wow Liam, i must say that you have truly outdone yourself this time. This is the most original, thought out thing that i have ever seen in my entire life. I gave it ten stars only because giving it 5000 was not an option. I have no idea where you got your inspiration from, but it must have been one crazy vision. Or maybe it came to you in a series of visions. This creation of yours should soon be made into a full length film starring Jack Black and Drew Carey. Wow. Just Wow. And the cgenius color scheme and audio mix, which i am sure you must have toiled over for a series of weeks. You are my Hero!!!!!

I've seen this all over- on youtube,deviantart, ect. and it still amuses me.^^ Love the song, for those who dont know the song is Caramelldansen and its not Japanese,but Swedish.Thanks for posting this!


its one of those chan sites that i happened to come across to. cant remember whats the site's called >.< notkochan or something

ur lucky ur even getting the rating im giving you, its just that i happen to like the song...btw what is the song? and can u send it to em ^^

NG is for submissions with a point, or something near to it, not a sheer looping animation!

Sorry, I'm a big fan of Japanese pop music, but this flash didn't cut it for me. One, there was no movie, just a looping animated clip. Try adding something whimsical next time to go along with the music (or maybe even something like a Fantasia piece). Actually, I can't really say more than that. Not much to see, and I doubt you drew the anime figures yourself. Though don't send me spam cursing me out if you did.

Anyone can make a looping image and put audio into it. Make something yourself, don't use someone elses .gif

Why do I have this sudden urge to watch anime?
I have no idea why I decided to let this one go....it is a loop flash. Annoying. The characters just do the same bloody thing over and over, and yet I liked it. What the hell?

Theres something strangly and annoyingly addicting about this............ I feel the need to stare at it...

not bad, but i dont like that there is no action in the flah, but the sound was pretty good

I love this submission. I love the music and animation.

This brings a very large smile to my face.

Thank you.

Did you draw the characters?
They're adorable! Good work.
You're an amazing artist :3


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