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F4Gg0T: damn im bored
F4Gg0T: what shouldai do
sex0r: tween sum circles around teh screen
F4Gg0T: lmao


thats disqusting!

you guys make me sick! even the preloader was nasty! WUT WERE U GUYS THINKING?!

F4Gg0T responds:

about gay sex


This song is about a phone commercial in Argentina, I never imagine that it`s gonna be a song of Newground!!!! Funny...

If you want to see that commercial, just look in google "que te clavo la sombrilla" (I`ll nail you the umbrella)

good work guys...

just the graphics, need more color, but it`s fine...

F4Gg0T responds:



This is one of the funniest thing I have every found! It rocks. Just what language is that? I am going to have that song stuck in my head.

O.k here are some ideas to make this ROCK!
The background should change after the song ends and starts again.
Make it kinda like a game. Like you can shot the orange smiley face and every time you do the face (still talking about the orange face) moves faster and faster * have it like levels and try to get to level 99 <or what ever you want the limit to be>


You have to see how long you can keep a ball moving on the screen without touching one of the faces. Or else you lose.

Still this was so cool! Love it! Have to tell my friends! It ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!

F4Gg0T responds:

lmao i may get some actionscript


hablas espaƱol?
do you speak spanish?
otherwise, good song

F4Gg0T responds:

im nt mexican but thx

Decent music

Good music, funny. Pointless peace of work, totally pointless. I don't think it's newgrounds worthy. You can do much better. Seems like a good time waster to make it :P Oh and it looks like this is going to be blammed, oh well :)

Once again, good choice in music. Spanish?

F4Gg0T responds:

no its going to pass

dunno i guess its mexican

btw linkin parks shit

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1.70 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2007
5:48 PM EST
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