Fuzzy goes for a walk

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i dare you to find a better flash on newgrounds


that wus funny, yet weird.

i liked it because of how it wus made and how it switches from war to a walking cat!


this flash has more meaning than you think.as i was watching this and seeing the sun and moon go up and down with that mario 3 song,it made me think when i was small and ...

Great!!!Now i have a tear in my eye!

[KK] you keep surprising the portal.good job

how stupid can a ng user be?

im sure that al th kk members are not even in school yet. why do do do such an afull spamming? stop that. and why doesn't Tom Fulp bannish youn from ng? why? i cant understand it. u(the kk,the ss, the cc,the uu and all spammun groups.) ruin this great site!

Oh my god!

Whoooooooooooooaaa. You guys are amazing! Really amazing! I just do not get how you could take about 8 or 9 people and create a kitten face with a badly drawn body, but two people's faces in the sun and the moon, and put it with a backround and an enless loop, and submit this to the Newgrounds portal. Not even the dumbest joke and not even the stupidest porn, but this. I must say that I am really impressed.

Graphics: lol

Style: lol!

Sound: Well, mario rocks.

Violence: none

Interactivity: The same thing over and over again. Even though it is the only thing you put effort in, it is getting really scarry!

Humor: LOL!

Overall: Wow...


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Is This Some Sick Joke?

From watching this I think I have now just become a little dumber because this video was a total waste of time and very idiotic. You expect me to give you a 5 because you made the moon and star look like rappers, how the cat walked, and the stupid repeating background. How many days have gone by while this cat has been out for a walk!? If someone high in the heavens can hear me I hope they grant me the wish of having this video blammed.
~No Hard Feelings~ XP

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1.48 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2007
8:10 PM EST