Cross Stomp

February 28, 2007 –
December 14, 2011
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This =/= made in MAc. Flash 08 or 07 or w/e. It was done in a crappy flash program! Dodge crushers trying to crush you.



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make more!

It was an ok game but there are some things that could be added to make it good. You could add a score system where you get 1 point per second or something like that plus different game modes. An easy, medium, and hard where they move slower or faster maybe. Maybe a little more emphasis on the amount of times you have died and something in the game that tells you that you have died and how many times you can die becuase frankly if I hadn't read the intro that you wrote I would have no idea that I ever died becuase I wouldn't have payed enough attentinn to that text tin the corner.

Graphics: 4 I gave you a 4 because while they were pretty there was very little to them.

Style: 5 It was a fun game. It could use some work with the gameplay though but the concept was good.

Sound: 1 I don't know where you find that beat but I hear it way to much and it is so freaking annoying I can barely stand it.

Violence: 1 Well I am sure that somebody could miscontstrue the crushers to make them into something violent.

Interactivity: 5 The whole game was interactive so I couldn't really give less than this even though it did basically suck.

Overall: 4 It needs some serious work. Do a whole bunch more to it and then resubmit it maybe it will be better.

Review Request Club

Now, I will give this a good review, not just becuase it has my music in, NO! But I like games like this, I didn't have to use right-mouse click becuase I have a semi-mac computer, but overall I will give this game a nine.

The things I like:
Like the gameplay style,
The simpleness of the game

Make it restart once you run out of lives,
Make very simple instructions, quick and snappy,

Thats it, hope this helps on your next game!
Oliver Newport - Transisco

P.S. Thanks for using my music!

The game was fun, especially when the lines came asymetrically from other sides (top, left for example). The game was fast paced and quite enjoyable, it did have some mistakes though.

Even though you get hit, you can continue to go through the line, I accidently got hit 3 times cause I tried to dodge and went through another 2 with it... I don't know whether this is intentional, but it was quite annoying.

The obvious one should reset the game when you get hit 5 times, that or it allows more lives and gives you a score to comparison.

Also the end where you have to hit f5 to restart can be fixed with a simple code.

I really like these games, you had the right idea and it looked visually good, but it could of been a bit better.

^^Good Points^^
I like rhythm based games, which I think this is supposed to be. The song you had was a cool one to have in this game.

^^Needs Improving^^
This game needs a bit of work. Very similar to Music Stomp, which was probably the inspiration. The music didn't really feel synced to the stomping, which makes the game a lot less fun. Also, when I lost the game I really couldn't find any way to restart the game without right clicking and stuff. Basically just put a restart button.

Review Request Club

Is this inspired by Music StomP?

I really enjoyed the tune, specially the way it ended.

I liked your various permutations - the way we had the sides crashing together, then the corners, then all 4...

The first time I played, I seemed to lose 3 lives on one occasion. There may be some problems with your system.

I found your stomping didn't quite match the beat as well as in Music Stomp.

The text animations were actually kinda impressive, but they only annoyed - I'd much rather have menus that go from screen to screen instantly.

However, it was somewhat fun to play.

It took me 3 goes, but I beat this.
I am 'the CS Champion!'

Enjoyed it.

Let's start with the preloader, which I think is a crock of shit. I've never seen it take so long to load a 4 meg file - the preloader needs to be scaled down so that it doesn't take ages to load it.

When I finally got to the game, I found the menus a little sluggish to react - a little lag on the start / instructions menu. The game itself is quite a good game. I've played mouse avoiders, but never one which involved moving bars.

Still, the graphics look a little cartoon esque, which I'm not personally a fan of. Maybe you could pause the game every time a hit gets put on and give a little animation of the pointer getting destroyed. Sort of an anti-Windows sentiment there, but there's nothing wrong with that, now, is there?

A good game, nice concept, but the animation let you down overall...

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that was an interesting game. a little bit simple concept to it, but it was original and quite addiciting as well. i liked this one.

good concept.haven´t seen this kind of thing yet.At last some originality! But sound could be better or at least more music.And i would like to suggest to disable the right click, because it stops the mouse from getting hit.Also some better instructions might help. I read them but still didn´t know what i was supposed to dodge till i played the game.Anyway, it´s good but update it! 3/5

wat da fuck was dat damn


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