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*Thanks for Frontpage, Tut collection, Daily 4th, and all the great reviews! Glad this was such a help to everyone*

FlashGame Source is an interactive tutorial on the roots of game scripting by Coolio-Niato and I. We worked hard to produce a simple, clean, effective, and hopefully helpful, tutorial on flash game coding. Mini Tuts, Script Tuts and Game Engine Tuts, approx 30 tuts in total, we hope you enjoy learning from this.


wow, thank you so much!

i did NOT know that there was a _currentframe property, I checked flash help and google to see if there was something like it, but was never able to find anything.
I have always had to have variables that saves what frame something is on, but this is going to make all my programming so much easier, thank you!

running fl9, cant open

ok, i have this box, that has a tab that says project- "beginning"(i named it beginning), and i cant do anything. what do i do?

heh ;)))

u r great.
am newbie at flash makin games but ur thing helps a lot

Thank You!!!Thank You!!!Thank You!!!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you helped me make my first dress up game. im still tweaking it a little but i think it is pretty good for a first timer.

I loved this tutorial.

Touring the tutorial section, I discovered that most of the tutorials are either boring, or only referr to one part of flash. This tutorial is an exception. I used this to find out about the different parts of script, and the best thing about it is that it gives enough information that I managed to make a fairly good game. This is a good startpoint for the aspiring game-creator. Loved it, only things you could make better are more bgm types, it got anoying after a while.

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Feb 28, 2007
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