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Not Funnie

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Doug Funnie from the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series "Doug" decides his fate.

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feels. and i call bullshit. Roger would have never went to his funeral. And since when does Doug where pants, well they look more like capris. I guess it goes to show he really is a fag. And how did he get HIV? I doubt anyone would wanna fuck him with the way he dresses. But I digress. Good animation.

Psh, whatevs.

That Funnie kid was always overdramatic over shit all the time. HIV? It's not like it's full blown AIDS. What a mook.



This was hilarious!
Although the animation wasn't very good, it was enough to get the comedy down.


Honk Honk!
i loled..

Governmental Review: "Not Funnie"

Case Report 6 - Item: "Not Funnie"
Subject: Doug Funnie
Witnesses: Newgrounds Community

Wow, this movie blew me away. At first I thought it was supposed to be a funny movie because most people make fun of people having HIV. However, you went the opposite way and actually made it look and feel serious. The animations and drawings of the characters and environments could be better, but they worked for what you were getting across to the audience. Lastly, with Beethoven, the whole movie came together.

Classification: Drama
Rate: 9