Crusader Tank

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It is the year 30287. The Black Cult sect enslaves the humanity with its psychotropic weapons of mass destruction turning people into frantic cult followers.

You are a brave knight of a secret crusaders' order. You have an extremely important mission: you need to get to the heart of the Cult and destroy its leader using a new psychotropic-resistant super-tank.

Your tank is deployed far behind enemy lines where you are going to start your mission from.



Man, finnaly I get to destroy a villian!, sure I got killed a time or two, but hey! I beat it without cheating, and I fell good about it! man! Are you christian or somethin'? 'cause that game is a bo' fizzle! please make another one of those games based on your crusader tank idea! Please?

Pretty damn good!

You've created one of those games that people can actually finish and feel good about themselves.


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Pretty fun

Not a bad game for passing the time however ther eare some minor things u could do to improve it.
firstly i round my friends at the moment and his pc is not super but its not weak and even on low graphical settings it does slow down sometimes i beleave u need to debug it or something make it more smooth in running.
One of the main anoying things is The music is soo repetative and it suck ass, no way to turn off while in game aswell, i turned off at the title screen but after the first mission it turn'd it self back on >.<
Maybe make so u can turn of during game or make u have a selection of music or even find one decent tune.

how about some sound effects? you knwo for the gun firing and the explosions.
And one last thing weapons why not make it so u can upgrade your tank more, that weapon/shell looking upgrade did not seem to do anything maybe up the rate of fire but that was all, make so u can upgrade weapon to have dual barrrels missiles and other such things.
In all not a bad game tho.

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Good game but Gametop,com sucks

I thought if this game is pretty cool I'd just check out the site.Well I downloaded one of the free games and then it started spawning windows to Gametop.So don't go there unless you have some good spyware/adware protection.

This game itself is pretty cool however.But it suffers from some grammatical and spelling errors.Also when you turn it doesn't look right.You'll see.Souns is wicked though.

Just don't download from Gametop.You have been warned.


Dude that game was awesome I loved it! Nice simple story line good difficulty at the end had to try the boss about 10 times before i killed him. Very nice game you got a 5 from me ;D

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2007
9:11 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight