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Resident Wiivile

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Okay. I;m sorry about the Wii non working, and me goinf WOOOOOOH Wii compatable! I didnt realize it needed flash7, but Im just updating now. (Updates: Flash 7, Nemisis game 3 score fail fixed, (Filters Effects removed due to not Max8). If the game continues to not work on Wii (or worse now dosnt work on PC right, please tell me).)) --
Each Mini-game is explained under the Games Menu. Play in Story Mode to face increasing Challenges and Survive the Horrors! Or, practice each minigame in the “Games” section. For a turn based multiplayer game, mouse over the doors at the back of the “Locker Hall”. And The Voices are what I thought Bunnies would sound like… Prove me wrong people!

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*sigh* Where do I start. Some mini games fun, others felt like I was stabbing myself with a sharpen pencil. Re-spawning enemies is always a horrible thing to see when, No reason is given to why they respawn. The re spawning herb might have been a glitch that stopped working after floor 2 was complete. And a few mini games said you failed despite having more then 5 seconds left.

Felt like a wreck of a game.

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3.67 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2007
6:13 AM EST