Resident Wiivile

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Okay. I;m sorry about the Wii non working, and me goinf WOOOOOOH Wii compatable! I didnt realize it needed flash7, but Im just updating now. (Updates: Flash 7, Nemisis game 3 score fail fixed, (Filters Effects removed due to not Max8). If the game continues to not work on Wii (or worse now dosnt work on PC right, please tell me).)) --
Each Mini-game is explained under the Games Menu. Play in Story Mode to face increasing Challenges and Survive the Horrors! Or, practice each minigame in the “Games” section. For a turn based multiplayer game, mouse over the doors at the back of the “Locker Hall”. And The Voices are what I thought Bunnies would sound like… Prove me wrong people!

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*sigh* Where do I start. Some mini games fun, others felt like I was stabbing myself with a sharpen pencil. Re-spawning enemies is always a horrible thing to see when, No reason is given to why they respawn. The re spawning herb might have been a glitch that stopped working after floor 2 was complete. And a few mini games said you failed despite having more then 5 seconds left.

Felt like a wreck of a game.

While I haven't personally played the Resident Evil games, I have seen them being played. With that being said, I think this was quite authentic to them. I don't know why rabbits are being used. It seems like there's a lot of gore involving them. I appreciate the good music. It was weird how I shot everything to interact with it.

The animation was pretty decent. I don't know why I would have to shoot moths. It was fairly unexpected, though. You could just point at a lot of stuff. I like these mysterious kinds of games. I'm just a fan of zombie stuff in general.

Woo, I'm a big fan of the RE series, so seeing something like this is just amazing. Love what's been done with the RE logo, how it morphed into a... paper plane? Or what is that?! Anyway, great gameplay, great graphics, great plot... just... a great game. Keep it going!


what is the sound of main menu? plz answer

the pipes puzzle is hard? and what's with the minigames?

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3.67 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2007
6:13 AM EST
Action - Other