[KK] I love u BBR

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BBR is cool


dude, he is a faggot.

he should be demodded. he's the biggest faggot on the bbs. fuck, Wade should just delete his ass.

also, why did you give him hair? that fuck is bald. probably losing his hair because of all the stress of being a bbs mod.

keep sticking it to him. i bet you're totally getting under that faggot's skin.


just because you dont like the guy doesnt mean you should make a shitty video and waste our time watching this? if you really think hes a "an abusive emo prick." put a little more effort into the video at least give a good reason of why he should be demodded other then you got yourself banned for being a idiot lol..... bigbadron down at the bottom i cnat tell if hes being sarcastic or not 5 minutes in flash doesnt convince me that guys emo seriously im going to say it again.. more effort

Funny beginning of Poop head funny Wade

Like the beginning With Wade and the Kitty ruling the roads but Bigbadron isn't a goth and he's bald!

Why? Just...why?

Really. It was a spam movie. I think only one or two, that are supposedly from KK, aren't spam.

Do I need to bash this? Of course not, but sadly enough, it's what I do best.

As always a good intro. Hey, if you compiled all of the KK intros into a single flash, you might have something worth watching. Completely meaningless, but worth watching regardless.

As with most KK movies, the animation of the actual movie was something repetitive that someone could do even if they were horrible in flash.
Again as with most KK movies, the sound was music. I can't bash music, but when it's paired with a worthless flash, it becomes terrible.
Humor. An inside joke? Ha! I'm laughing on the inside. Can't you tell? So funny. HA!!!

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SAK responds:

Oh no, spam.

rough but it can definately improve

Hello Kitty Krew,
It seems that all of you are extremely new to Newgrounds. How ironic. Because many other flash animators have been here for years on NEW grounds : ) I guess one day you can be like them if you try really hard in your next flash attempt. I know it is not easy to make good flash. It takes a lot of work! You need to be patient trying for more tan a few minutes to make a flash. Hard work! Hard work! Hard Work! That is the key to making great flash. This is the most important thing I can tell you from my vantage point as an experienced flash animator.

I know it is hard to take advice when you are in the age range of 10-12. It is a difficult time of life with raging hormones and the massive release of DHEA which causes the first inkling of attraction to the opposite sex. But younger artists like Luis are quite capable flash artists so here is a critique of your flash.

Positive Points
1) Excellent preloader many artists forget this vital part of a flash as it allows the USER to start the flash at his or her own will
2) Good coloring you managed to keep all the colors INSIDE the lines, as surprising as this may be many artists can’t even do this, because of your amazing skill at this I feel you preteens have the aptitude to take constructive criticism to make better flash.

Negative Points
1) The basic drawings are not very expressive and crudly drawn. Try to shape the faces more so they can emote feelings to the user and draw people into the universe you are trying to create through the medium of art
2) Tweeing…this seems to be the main technique used for motion. However, you used this quite poorly. I know it can be difficult to replicate complex motions when you are a younger person, but persistence will pay off and you could make wonderfully tweened films like lilium etc. and ultimately make it to that glorious top 50 spot in the portal.
3) Try not to insult other users. I know this can be difficult with those raging hormones but it is not very nice. Big Badron is a Mod and you could get in trouble if you insult him. Crazy! I know… But because you are new to this place I guess perhaps they might be easy on you. Newgrounds is a place where you are supposed to be accepting of all types of people because every person is capable of contributing great flash to this community. If young people like you.

In short I know it is difficult to put in time and effort but I know all of you have even the most basic brain functions to produce a great flash with LOTS and LOTS of practice.

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SAK responds:

We don't care if our flash is good. We do flash to have fun, and piss people off.

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Feb 27, 2007
11:05 PM EST
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