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EDIT: Thanks for frontpage NG! Also, that shop problem is fixed now, so refresh your browser to see new version. Sorry about that.
NOTE: THERE ARE NEW SECTIONS THAT COVER HOW TO CONTROL YOUR BOTS. Also, the game (unfortunately) runs a lot better in Internet Explorer...)

The long awaited sequel to BotArena2 is here! With new features such as;
-What players have been begging for: controllable bots!
-Instant gameplay via challenge mode!
-A wide range of new weapons, plating and chassis!
-Interface and graphic improvements
-And much more!

Thank you to all the fans for their support which carried me into making the sequel. Now please, sit back and enjoy BotArena3!


This game is excellent!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and it was great!!! Graphics are great, especially for 2-D shaped (they do look flat in the shop screen :P), the variety is pretty good as is damage, shielding, etc. with the items. Lol, some of the names were good and fit well wit the name of the arena contest. Prices and rewards were good and balanced, as was the enemy.

One thing I seem to have a problem with is that it isn't really Firefox-friendly; it always closes out in Firefox. But w/e.

I guess you could make it longer, it was kinda short. Also, make more fun challenges with specific rules like you did with the Hammertime. Also, I guess you could use some more types and just more weapons, armor, and chassis, mabye considering having some of them having sp. effects like being able to support 2 specific types of weapons, but whatever. I however don't like the limit of # of bots, I think the restriction should be a bit higher, but you set the max # of bots usable in a fight to 5.

Could use more music.

Don't make cheap items like the Neverlax. It ruins the fun.

More features if you can come up with them.

Mabye a make-your-own fight, but it's your game, so whatever you decide.

So anyways, excellent job again, keep up the good work, and I look foward to your next BotArena! (If you're making another)

Rating: 9.3/10 (Super Excellent!!(lol))

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great game

this is a good game, but i really wished you could use the key board to control them, and i wish it was longer =)

very nice game, i love it

Everything was done incredibly well, from the bot's AI to the menus, everything. I played everyday until I beat it. Looking back on my experience of this game, some things to be fixed came to mind:

1. The Neverlax "SDW": A good prize for beating the game, but it just takes all the fun out of it. Worst of all, since its weight is only 15, it can be mounted on weaker robots to participate in lower competitions, so it pretty much annihilates everything. I also can't tell which side is the front or back...

2. The music for the arena battles: The music for the opening menu was good. The shop music was good. The battle select music was good. The actual battle music was...questionable. It didn't really fire me up for a battle.

3. The prize gold armor for beating the game: Pretty, but not very good. If you're going to give us a crazy weapon like the Neverlax, at least give us some crazy armor to go along with it.

4. The game kept freezing up!: This is probably my computer's fault, but everytime I played this game, my computer froze up and gave me some crap about "This program is not responding, blah blah, blah." That hasn't happened with any other game I've played on Newgrounds...

Just a few suggestions. Overall, very good game, and it was an enjoyable experience.


That was better then the ones before. Man I love the bot games and this one is the best! This game would be the best if you could actually control the bots. I really do hope there is a part 4!

Im voting 5!!!

there is one word to descibe this game


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Feb 27, 2007
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